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Safer cars do not fully prevent injuries

Posted by Robert T. Karns | Mar 23, 2018 | 0 Comments

Rhode Island roads are getting safer, and it is thanks in part to new developments in automobile safety. However, while these updates tend to save lives, they are unable to prevent injury resulting from the massive forces involved in a typical auto accident.

Popular Mechanics explains one important development mitigating car collision injuries: the crumple zone. These sections of modern vehicle are built to break in a very specific way during a crash. This absorbs force into the body of the vehicle. This engineering trick has the power to save lives and potentially prevent some catastrophic injuries, especially those occurring from individuals becoming crushed or trapped in damaged vehicles.

While auto engineers have reduced the frequency of immediate injuries from car crashes, there is still a high chance of long-term or delayed onset injuries. FindLaw has a concise overview of these types of auto injuries, which include:

  • Brain injury and related psychological damage
  • Joint, neck or back problems
  • Nerve or soft tissue injuries

New developments in engineering have led to a decline in acute injuries caused by auto crashes. In fact, people involved in auto accidents sometimes feel fine for days or weeks after the incident. Insurance companies know this, but still often attempt to settle injury claims as soon as possible— occasionally before all the symptoms of an injury have time to manifest. Anyone involved in a crash might therefore do well temper the desire for a quick resolution to the incident with a long-term assessment of potential injuries and the costs involved in their treatment.

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