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After a bus accident results in injury, it is very important to discover who is responsible for the operation of the bus in question.

The most promising path to recovery of compensation for injured accident victims may depend on what type of bus was involved:

  • A school bus
  • A city bus
  • A private charter bus
  • A locally operated "party bus"
  • An interstate commercial bus such as Greyhound

Uncovering key information about liability is an essential part of a diligent personal injury lawyer's job in any motor vehicle accident case. Just as importantly, an advocate for someone injured in a bus accident will be interested in getting a clear understanding of the person's injuries and losses. Communicating with healthcare providers, family members, and the injured person himself or herself will provide critical elements of a personal injury claim or lawsuit.

In addition, it may be necessary to bring in expert witnesses such as medical experts, bus mechanics, and roadway design experts. If injuries are serious or catastrophic, the expense and challenge of putting together a well-documented claim will likely be well worth the costs involved.

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Was the bus that collided with your car covered by federal motor carrier laws? Was there a third party such as a travel agency or a transportation service that might bear some liability? Was a private bus company such as First Student or an athletic management company responsible in the case of a school bus accident? If a school bus monitor's performance is relevant to the case, it will be important to know who hires the bus monitors: The school or a private bus company?

Our Rhode Island bus accident lawyers can find out answers to critical questions such as these. Karns & Kerrison can use this information to pursue the compensation you need after an interstate bus, city bus or school bus accident.

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