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Few things are as terrifying as being involved in an aviation accident, no matter how seasoned of a traveler or passenger you are. Anytime we step onto an airplane or helicopter, we do so with the hopes that we will arrive safely at our destination. Tragically, this is not always the case. Aviation accidents almost always result in catastrophic injuries and countless fatalities, leaving survivors with a lifetime of trauma and catastrophic consequences while the grieving families of those who don't survive the crash are left to pick up the pieces of their heartbreak.

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Commercial Airplane Accidents

Commercial aviation refers to flights operated by large-scale airlines and is typically the way most people conduct their air travel. Fortunately, commercial plane accidents are rare. However, passengers may sustain injuries in a number of other ways, including mass air disasters, extreme turbulence, emergency evacuations, and other types of potential disasters which may occur in both domestic and international flights.

Turbulence is no laughing matter, despite how common it can be. While mild turbulence does not cause much concern or raise any alarms, severe weather, other airplanes, or air current conditions may adversely affect the smoothness of your trip. Another common accident occurs when overhead storage compartments cause injury to passengers upon impact from falling objects.

Helicopter Crashes

Although countless vacation spots around the world advertise helicopter tours as a once-in-a-lifetime experience you can't miss, you may want to reconsider missing this life experience. Statistically, helicopter crashes are extremely common and result in devastating injuries or death. Helicopters have come into the mainstream as an exciting way to travel across short distances with a bird's eye view as you skip over traffic. However, their vulnerability to bad weather and difficult handling make them one of the most dangerous forms of air travel--especially if you are in the hands of a novice pilot.

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