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3 steps to help you assess a rear-end collision

Posted by Robert T. Karns | Mar 23, 2017 | 0 Comments

Rear-end collisions happen on roadways all across the country. The factors involved in such an accident can have a considerable outcome on the damages, injuries and overall severity of the incident. At the very least, drivers and passengers whose vehicles have been hit from behind feel shaken by the event, and, in more serious incidents, vehicle occupants could suffer severe injuries and other trauma.

Immediately after a rear-end crash, you may feel disoriented and confused about how to handle the predicament. However, these three common steps could help you better navigate your situation.

Report the incident

If the crash severity proves greater than a minor bump, you will likely need assistance assessing and attending to the incident. Therefore, you should call the police and report the incident as soon as possible. Taking this step can also help ensure that medical personnel come to the scene in order to attend to anyone injured in the collision.

In addition to reporting the incident to the police and other emergency services, you may want to contact your insurance company. Your insurance claim may play a significant role in your obtaining compensation for damages, and, therefore, reporting to your insurance company in a timely manner may help your claim move forward more smoothly.

Gather information

Having thorough records of the incident can also prove vital. Therefore, if you have the ability, you may wish to speak with other individuals involved in the accident and witnesses who could provide you with information regarding their accounts of the incident. You may also wish to write down your immediate memories of the crash. Though you may think your will remember well enough later, having a physical copy of your account could help you avoid forgotten details.

Also, taking pictures of the damage and the scene of the accident could prove helpful as well. You may have the ability to use your cellphone to quickly snap images from the scene that could serve as useful evidence later.

Consider legal options

In some cases, especially when you or a loved one suffers serious injuries, you may feel the need to seek additional compensation from the driver considered at fault for the rear-end crash. You have the right to pursue a lawsuit if you feel it could be in the best interests of your situation. Therefore, exploring your options for a personal injury claim may prove useful to you.

Furthermore, you may wish to contact an experienced Rhode Island attorney who could provide you with helpful information on your options and assist you in dealing with insurance companies.

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