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Wet weather and car accidents in Rhode Island

Posted by Robert T. Karns | Apr 16, 2015 | 0 Comments

Many Rhode Island drivers have car accidents when it is raining or when the pavement is wet. There are several important strategies people should use when driving in wet weather, as implementing them can help prevent the occurrence of collisions.

According to AAA, 1.2 million car accidents occur every year around the country due to wet weather. It is thus important to be mindful of driving behavior under these circumstances, as the wet conditions necessitate using different driving behaviors than those used on dry roadways.

One important driving behavior is maintaining a good distance between vehicles. This is important in both dry and wet conditions, but in dry conditions the required space is approximately two seconds behind other vehicles. In wet conditions, the time should be doubled to four seconds. People can ascertain the appropriate distance by counting as the driver in front of them passes an object. People should also make certain their tires are in good shape and have adequate tread in order to push water away. This can help prevent losing control and hydroplaning on wet pavement. If drivers do begin to hydroplane, they should continue to steer in the proper direction to end the skidding. Finally, drivers should try to avoid running over potholes created by the moisture. If the potholes are unavoidable, motorists should brake before hitting them instead of while going over them.

Adopting good wet weather driving practices can help prevent a motor vehicle accident. A person who is injured by a driver who is following too closely or one who hydroplanes into their vehicle may want to meet with a personal injury attorney. An examination of police accident reports and other evidence could result in a finding that the other driver was negligent and thus could be held responsible in a personal injury lawsuit for the resulting damages.

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