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BATmobile in Rhode Island to reduce chance of a DUI car crash

Posted by Robert T. Karns | May 08, 2014 | 0 Comments

Virtually everyone knows that drinking and driving is dangerous. It puts the lives of impaired drivers, their passengers and other motorists at risk of being involved in a car crash. As an attempt to reduce the amount of drunk drivers on the road, an 18-wheeler called the BATmobile is being rolled out in Providence.

The BATmobile is a mobile blood alcohol testing center. Law enforcement agencies throughout Rhode Island will have access to the big rig during a special event or campaign to enforce drunk driving laws. This would save officers the time needed to transport a suspected drunk driver to a medical facility or police station to conduct a breath or blood test.

Drivers suspected of DUI can be taken to the BATmobile, where they can be processed in the criminal justice system, have a blood and/or breath test administered and even see a Justice of the Peace regarding bail. It is presumed that more drivers would be arrested if officers had ready access to these services. Processing a DUI suspect can take a significant amount of time, taking an officer away from other aspects of his or her job.

A significant reason for the BATmobile is to protect other people on the roads that are at the mercy of an impaired driver. When someone is seriously injured or killed in a DUI-related car crash, the victim -- or the victim's family in the case of fatal injuries -- retains the right to file a civil action seeking an award of financial damages. Gaining an understanding of one's legal rights, applicable laws and Rhode Island court procedures could help in achieving the best outcome possible to such an action.

Source: Providence Journal, "Drive drunk at your peril: Providence intensifies crackdown on DUI violators", Gregory Smith, April 26, 2014

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