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As a spinal cord injury victim is preparing to return home after hospitalization and rehabilitation, disability accommodations are critical.

Compared to almost any type of personal injury case, paralysis requires adaptive technology. A paralysis patient is likely to need durable medical equipment, for one thing. Necessary equipment may include a motorized wheelchair and a mechanical lift that may be used for moving the person from bed to chair or chair to shower. Home modifications are also necessary in many cases: Doorways may need to be widened, kitchen countertops may need to be lowered, and wheelchair ramps may need to be installed at the outside doorways of the home.

After a Serious Accident, How Will You Live at Home with Spinal Cord Damage?

A positive attitude and a loving family can make all the difference in the quality of life that an accident victim living with paralysis can achieve. If you have these assets, you are already ahead of the game. However, challenges for a paralyzed person and his or her family can seem endless. Ongoing health challenges can be best managed with quality assistance from dedicated caregivers. A spinal cord injury often leaves a sufferer with lifelong disabilities and related complications such as recurring urinary tract infections (UTI) and a risk of stroke.

Of course, financial resources are also essential. To help you cope with life as a paralyzed individual after a serious car or truck accident, Karns & Kerrison is prepared to collaborate with health care providers, life care planners, and economists. Well-documented testimony from experts can help our Providence paralysis attorneys build a strong and persuasive injury claim or lawsuit on your behalf.

Support for a Paralysis Accident Victim: Personal Care, Special Transportation

Whether the injured person is left to cope with paraplegia or quadriplegia, he or she will most likely need daily services of personal care attendants. Ideally, the accident victim should continue to engage in physical therapy and/or occupational therapy as an outpatient. For this purpose and for other outings (for work, doctors' visits, social engagements, and recreation), modified transportation will become a necessity. Whether the paralyzed person uses private or public transportation, a special car, truck, or van, a vehicle's wheelchair accessibility will be a requirement for getting around.

Living with paralysis is a challenge unlike any other. Paraplegic and quadriplegic accident victims are some of the most courageous people we have encountered in our personal injury law practice in Providence. We realize, however, that recognition for bravery is not what they seek. There are very real needs and challenges that these injured individuals and their families face every day.

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