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Cellphone addiction is real and could lead to your injury

Posted by Robert T. Karns | Mar 08, 2018 | 0 Comments

Car accidents can take place due to any number of circumstances. Some of those conditions may seem out of the control of travelers, such as weather or medical emergencies. However, too many crashes are caused by the negligence of drivers, and distractions play a major role in contributing to driver negligence and recklessness.

From small to major, distractions can affect anyone at any time. Of course, drivers can take steps to help minimize the amount of distractions they have access to while behind the wheel. Unfortunately, smartphones create a considerable number of distractions, and if someone has a smartphone addiction, he or she could cause an accident that leads to you suffering serious injury.

Is cellphone addiction real?

You, like others, may seem skeptical when it comes to considering excessive cellphone use an addiction. However, many people exhibit addictive behaviors when it comes to using their electronic devices. Because of the convenience and connection that apps and other smartphone uses offer, individuals easily become dependent on using their phones for various activities. In fact, 67 percent of individuals who participated in a research survey indicated that they check their phones for messages or notifications when it did not indicate that one had been received, which indicates considerable dependence.

Still, you may not think that using a phone often represents an addiction. If you look further, you may notice certain signs in individuals you know that could point to such an addiction. Some of those signs include:

  • Preoccupation with checking or using their phones
  • Constant desire for new phones and apps
  • Increased phone usage
  • Losing time due to phone usage
  • Feelings of irritability, anger, depression or restlessness when phone, internet or network malfunctions
  • Jeopardizing relationships and employment due to phone use

If someone you know presents a minimum of four of these signs, he or she may have a cellphone addiction.

Why does cellphone addiction matter?

You may feel that because you do not have issues with smartphone use that someone else's addiction will not affect you. However, that may not prove true. Cellphones act as a major distraction for drivers, and if a cellphone-addicted person is behind the wheel, he or she may face even greater chance for distraction and increased risk of causing an accident.

If a distracted driver did cause an accident that led to your serious injuries, you may have reason to file a personal injury claim. This type of legal action could allow you to pursue compensation for injuries, medical bills and other damages permitted under Rhode Island law.

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