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Endocrine disorders that qualify for Social Security disability

Posted by Robert T. Karns | Sep 28, 2017 | 0 Comments

If you suffer from an endocrine disorder in Rhode Island, you are likely curious about whether or not your condition qualifies for assistance from the government. Social Security disability can be obtained for some disorders of the endocrine system, as long as the type and severity fall within certain guidelines. We at Karns & Kerrison can not only help you determine if you qualify, but also fight for your rights to get the help you deserve.

The Social Security Administration states that some forms of diabetes can qualify for assistance. Disorders of the pancreatic gland and both types of diabetes mellitus may be considered. Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia can also both qualify, as can chronic hyperglycemia and diabetic ketoacidosis. 

Disorders of the thyroid gland can also qualify for coverage, especially is you suffer mood disorders, strokes or related weight loss. The parathyroid is also essential for your daily function and disorders of this system can allow you to qualify for coverage. 

You may also receive help if you have an adrenal gland disorder that causes you to experience weight loss, osteoporosis and fractures, recurrent arrhythmias or heart failure. Your blood pressure, mental status and metabolism can also be affected by conditions of the adrenal gland.

Coverage may also be available if you suffer from a pituitary gland disorder, although the exact symptoms will vary depending on which hormones are affected. For more information on the various endocrine disorders that you may be able to receive coverage for, please visit our web page on Social Security disability.

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