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How to teach teens to be good drivers

Posted by Robert T. Karns | Nov 14, 2017 | 0 Comments

Every parent eventually comes to the point in time when their child wants to learn to drive. While this can be quite scary and daunting, parents take on the responsibility of being a good teacher who instills proper values and skills in their children to ensure they are safe on Rhode Island roadways. It is the skills a child learns at the hands of a parent that stick with him or her for life and really shape the type of driver he or she becomes. 

Metlife suggests parents have multiple practices when teaching teens to drive. Repetition is key to learning the important skills. It is also important to teach teens to pay attention to the roadway and anticipate what could happen. Teaching teen drivers to look ahead of them and watch other vehicles on the road enables them to learn how to react when another driver does something that could be dangerous. This is a valuable lesson that will help teens become good drivers. 

Parents should also explain about common dangerous areas on roadways. This includes intersections. Teens need to learn that just because a signal may be green cars may still come through the intersection from the other direction. They should be made aware to always look both ways before proceeding. Stop signs are another thing that cannot be taken for granted because other drivers may go right through them. Teens must learn to be cautious at every intersection and anticipate other drivers may not stop. 

Popular Mechanics notes that parents should also approach driving lessons in a way that makes teens comfortable. This helps avoid anxiety and tension when they are behind the wheel. Keeping things light and positive create the right mood for learning. In addition, parents should consider starting out in a parking lot to allow teens to get a feel for the vehicle before hitting the roadways and interacting with other vehicles. 

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