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Why applicants are denied SSI

Posted by Robert T. Karns | Nov 04, 2016 | 0 Comments

When someone in Rhode Island applies for Social Security Supplemental Income benefits and is denied, it is important to understand the reasons why. There are several different facts that may cause the application to be turned down, but there may still be options available even after denial.

One of the most common factors is income. Each state has specific guidelines on how much money an applicant can make and still be approved. All assets will also be reviewed, although the home and vehicle do not usually count. Social Security has reported that Rhode Island residents must have assets of less than $3,000 per couple or $2,000 per individual. If they have an amount that is greater, they will be denied for benefits.

If an injury is not deemed serious enough, applicants may also be denied assistance. Social Security points out that the disability must be one the person will have for at least 12 months or the person already has struggled with it for a period of the same. Additionally, the person's ability to engage in any activity that could provide an income must be affected to the point that working is impossible. The disability can be a learning or emotional issue, mental impairment or a physical condition.

Another reason applications are denied is that the government is unable to establish communication with the applicant. If applicants move during the process, they need to notify any agencies involved to assure they will be available to answer questions and schedule appointments. Additionally, applicants should make it a point to contact their local office to make sure that there are no questions on their paperwork.

Cooperation is also key to approval. Appointments must be kept and medical records will need to be released in order for the agency to receive all information necessary to make a decision. If applicants refuse to provide these documents, meet for appointments or follow any treatment prescribed by doctors, they may be disqualified from receiving assistance.

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