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NHTSA uses month of May to promote motorcycle safety

Posted by Robert T. Karns | May 09, 2016 | 0 Comments

Many motorcyclists in the area may have recently gotten their motorcycles out of storage following the winter months. And there are likely more people who are now in the market for their very first motorcycles. So with this in mind, it seems that May is perfect for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

This yearly observance was initiated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NHTSA uses May as a time to remind motorcyclists and drivers alike of the importance of sharing the road with one another in a respectful manner.

Research funded by the NHTSA reveals that drivers of passenger vehicles are engaged in distracted driving more than half of the time they are behind the wheel. A distracted driver is far more likely to fail to notice others on the road. This is especially problematic for motorcyclists whose vehicles are typically harder to see than those of the four-wheel variety.

But even drivers who are paying attention to the road may have trouble spotting motorcycles because they can easily slip into blind spots. Moreover, because motorcycles are smaller, drivers may misjudge their proximity and speed.

But the NHTSA also has words of advice for motorcyclists, which include following traffic laws, wearing bright, visible clothing and utilizing hand signals to indicate turns or lane changes.

Hopefully, all road users will heed the NHTSA's advice, which would greatly reduce the risk of motorcycle accidents. But unfortunately, the warmer months will likely see such accidents, some of which will result in riders suffering very serious injuries.

If you should be involved in an accident while riding your motorcycle and need compensation to cover the cost of medical treatment, a Rhode Island personal injury attorney may be of service. The attorney could investigate the cause of the accident and help you take the steps necessary to pursue appropriate compensation.

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