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When lifting a motorcycle, proper technique can prevent injuries

Posted by Robert T. Karns | Mar 24, 2016 | 0 Comments

Dropping a motorcycle can be embarrassing, but it is something that most riders have done at one time or another. If your motorcycle should end up on the ground, hopefully only your pride will be bruised. And while you need to get your vehicle standing again, you should also take a few moments to calm your nerves.

If you are certain that you are physically capable of trying the get the motorcycle back on its wheels, then you still must be careful to avoid injury. So it is a good idea to try to get help before attempting to lift the vehicle.

But if no assistance is forthcoming, and you are left on your own, you want to use a safe technique when picking the vehicle up. Here are the steps you can take to lift a larger motorcycle:

  • If you can, put the side stand in the downward position.
  • Point the front tire toward the ground so that the handlebar is next to the gas tank.
  • If you can, put the motorcycle in gear.
  • Lean up against the motorcycle with your lower back and butt on the seat and grab the handgrip and the frame.
  • Using your legs and taking small steps backward, lift the motorcycle while keeping your back straight.
  • As you step the motorcycle upright, be careful not to push too hard and flip it on its other side.

This technique is effective on level surfaces with good traction, but it should not be used on slippery or inclining surfaces.

But of particular concern is how you and your motorcycle ended up in such a predicament. If the cause of this misfortune was a collision or fall and you are injured, then your personal well-being is more important than moving your motorcycle, and you should seek medical attention.

And if your injuries turn out to be of a serious nature, you may wish to contact a personal injury attorney. Depending on your circumstances, the attorney could assist you in getting appropriate compensation from insurance companies or filing a civil suit should another party be responsible for your injuries and other damages.

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