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Pedestrians face hazards in spite of laws

Posted by Robert T. Karns | Jun 12, 2015 | 0 Comments

What is your primary form of transportation? Your first response may be your car. And while you may spend a good part of your day behind the wheel, you likely depend on your own power to get around more than you realize.

The fact is, most of us spend at least part of the day as pedestrians. Any given day could find us walking down the street when going to work, school or any other relatively nearby destination. And of course, taking a walk through the neighborhood is both relaxing and good exercise. Even when going to and from our cars we are pedestrians.

And while walking is often necessary and has its advantages, it can also present hazards. As pedestrians, we lack physical protection and can be especially vulnerable when crossing streets with traffic.

Both Massachusetts and Rhode Island have laws requiring drivers to slow down or stop whenever a pedestrian is crossing a street in a crosswalk. Yet even with such laws in place, deaths and injuries still occur when drivers fail to yield to pedestrians.

When struck directly by a moving motor vehicle, the human body can experience extreme trauma. Such a collision could leave a victim with serious injuries. In order to recover, a victim may require expensive long-term care.

If you are ever struck in a crosswalk by a negligent or distracted driver, you will likely need compensation to cover your medical expenses. Karns & Kerrison handles cases for those who have been injured in pedestrian accidents. You can go to our page on pedestrian accidents page to read more about our services.

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