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Proper care can extend the life of your RV's tires

Posted by Robert T. Karns | Aug 06, 2015 | 0 Comments

Recreational vehicles can provide their owners with a degree of freedom not offered by most other forms of transportation. A motorhome or truck outfitted with a camper offers motorists both a way to travel and a place to stay when stopped.

While RVs may grant owners an extra degree of self-sufficiency while out on the road, it is extremely important to keep these vehicles well maintained, even when not in use. Many RV owners only use their vehicles at certain times of the year for vacationing and such. This means that an RV may spend a good deal of the time parked and unused.

Proper care of your RV's tires can help keep you safe and even save you money. If left sitting for long periods of time in an area where the tires are exposed to UV rays or ozone, cracks may begin to form in the sidewalls. Sidewall cracking can shorten the life of a tire. This means an owner may have to get new tires sooner than anticipated.

To battle cracking, you can use a protective tire cover to prevent exposure to the sun. You can also spray some rubber cleaner on the tires followed by a good scrubbing and rinsing. Then, you can finish the process by dressing the tires with a protectant.

By taking these steps, you can keep your tires looking good and lasting longer. But tire maintenance can only go so far in ensuring your safety while out on the road in a recreational vehicle.

A recreational vehicle accident can leave occupants with serious injuries. In order to receive fair compensation, RV accident victims may wish to consider hiring an attorney who has experience handling cases involving motor vehicle collisions. The attorney could perform an investigation in order to prove liability and work with insurance companies in an effort to maximize a settlement.

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