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Even minor car accidents can cause major health issues

Posted by Robert T. Karns | Aug 14, 2015 | 0 Comments

If you should ever have the misfortune of being in a car accident, hopefully, it will be no more than a minor fender bender. But almost any accident can cause your body to suffer some degree of trauma. Of course, a high-impact crash could leave a victim with very serious and obvious injuries such as broken bones and lacerations. But even what may have felt like a quick bump may cause an injury that is not so readily apparent. Such an injury could end up having a long-term effect on your health and well-being.

So if you are ever involved in an accident, no matter how seemingly inconsequential, it is important to have a physician give you an exam. This is true even if you are the sort of person who would rather not make a fuss about injuries that are not causing you noticeable or severe pain. The fact is that while such stoicism may be admirable in certain circumstances, there are times where it best not to take any chances.

Any injury has the potential to develop into a serious health issue. For example, what may seem like just a sore back could be a ruptured disc. This is the kind of injury that, if left untreated, could cause a whole host of problems as you get older.

Therefore, if you are ever in a car accident, do not be hesitant about getting a physical exam just to be on the safe side. And should the doctor discover that you have suffered an injury that was more serious than you suspected, you may wish to contact the Karns & Kerrison. We have experience handling car accident cases and would be interested in providing you with important information about what you can do when pursuing fair compensation for medical expenses.

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