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How long will my RI Workers' Compensation case take?

Posted by Jude Evan Kerrison | Apr 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

The answer to this question is the one that everyone hates to hear - "it depends." While you might want a more concrete answer so that you can wrap your head around this process and know what to expect, no two cases are alike. In fact, what determines how long your workers' compensation case will take is you or, more specifically, your body.

In Rhode Island, you are entitled to collect a weekly workers' compensation benefit for 312 weeks as long as you are disabled. The crucial part of that sentence is "as long as you are disabled." This will depend (there's that word again) on the severity and extent of your injuries and your recovery from those injuries. Some of my clients have been able to return to work following just one shoulder surgery, others have had to undergo multiple surgeries and can never return to the job they were doing when they got hurt. This is true for clients who have similar diagnoses. A workers' compensation claimant needs to remain patient throughout this frustrating and confusing process by not returning to work or settling their claim too quickly so that they do not cause themselves harm in the future.

If you believe that your case is taking too long or that you are being rushed back to work too quickly, call the workers' compensation lawyers at Karns & Kerrison today for a free consultation.

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