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Thirteen years ago I was driving home to Rhode Island from dinner in southeastern Massachusetts. Out of nowhere a madman tried to pass me on the right then got on my left and pushed my car up against the guard rail and finally sent me flying across four lanes of I-195, landing in the median with my car spinning out of control. The perpetrator took off, good Samaritans called the police and I thought I was fine, just shaken up. I was not. I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and did not know it for several weeks.

My family noticed significant changes in my behavior and my speech was slurry, I was off balance like I was drunk all the time. It was clear this was more than a concussion. Naturally, the man who hit me was under insured, and my own insurance company was presently in receivership so I needed a good lawyer, a really good lawyer. I turned to Karns & Kerrison, after talking with several people who said they had helped them in the past.

I did the right thing. I was put at ease at my first meeting with them. I also felt safe because it was a family that I walked into not just a cold office. The first thing they did was to make sure I got the best treatment available in Rhode Island for me. They left no stone unturned in tracking down the perpetrator, and they did! I was unprepared for the solicitous nature of the group, from making sure I kept my appointments, to explaining the process, to preparing the case to a successful resolution of the case, against some pretty tough odds.

I would definitely recommend Karns & Kerrison to anyone who asked, and also to advocates for TBI. They come through for you.

– Patricia Feeley

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