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Workers' Compensation

The best endorsement we can get is a repeat client. Attorney Kerrison previously represented a gentleman in a workers' compensation claim where he injured his wrist. After settling his case, the client returned to work and carried on with his life. However, while driving on East Main Road in Portsmouth, the gentleman stopped and waited to take a left hand turn on his way home. While he was stopped waiting for traffic to pass so he could turn, he was rear-ended by another vehicle.

The gentleman went through physical therapy and treated with a number of physicians for his neck pain, back pain and terrible headaches which were caused by the whiplash injury to his neck. The insurer defended the claim on the basis that it was a minor impact and there was not a lot of damage to either vehicle involved. However, following some intense negotiations, attorney Kerrison was able to settle the case for $94,000.00 without having to go to Court.

If you've been injured in a motor vehicle accident or a work-related injury, call us today and find out why our clients love us so much.

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