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Workers' Compensation

Attorney Jude Kerrison achieved a workers' compensation lump sum settlement on behalf of a client who injured her shoulder while working as a CNA at a nursing home in 2017. The workers' compensation insurer initially denied the claim, but Attorney Kerrison filed the case with the Workers' Compensation Court. Attorney Kerrison won the case at a Pretrial Conference to establish liability and the client received her benefits.

Following treatment for her shoulder injury, it was revealed that the pain and other symptoms she was feeling in her shoulder and arm was referred pain from her neck, therefore client had also injured her neck in the work-related incident. The workers' compensation insurer again denied that her neck was part of the claim so Attorney Kerrison brought them back to Workers' Compensation Court and won again. Following that the client had surgery on her neck and surgery on her shoulder while continuing to receive a weekly workers' compensation check for over three years.

Following completion of her medical treatment attorney Kerrison secured a payment for the permanent impairment the client suffered as a result of her shoulder injury. And he also secured over $17,000.00 to compensate the client for her surgical scars.

In all, Attorney Kerrison filed twelve Petitions to secure and enforce $95,000.00 worth of workers' compensation benefits for his client before the insurer finally agreed to settle her case for $45,000.00.

  • Jude Evan Kerrison

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