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Motorcyclists face many risks riding on public roads, which is why it's crucial for others to safely operate their vehicles and uphold their duties of care. Unfortunately, as statistics make clear, negligent drivers injure and kill thousands of riders every year.

If you or someone you love were injured in a motorcycle accident in Providence County or the state of Rhode Island, our team at Karns & Kerrison want to help. We're led by award-winning attorneys with decades of experience and can evaluate your options to recover the compensation you deserve.

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Why Choose Us?

Karns & Kerrison is an award-winning trial practice that has represented plaintiffs in personal injury claims across Rhode Island since 1974. We're a family firm that fights for families, and we have the resources and experience to take on even the toughest cases.

Reasons why we're trusted by clients and colleagues:

  • More Than 85 Years of Combined Experience
  • Over $250 Million in Compensation Recovered for Clients
  • Exclusive Focus on Personal Injury Law

Our Providence motorcycle accident lawyers offer FREE consultations and handle cases on contingency, which means there's no cost to hire and no fee unless we win. Learn how we can help by calling 401-841-5300 or contacting us online.

Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Statistics

As the most populous city in Rhode Island and one of the oldest and most historic cities in New England, Providence is a popular place for motorcycle riding. But while riders have a lot to enjoy, they also face considerable risks when it comes to staying safe.

As data from NHTSA and the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) show, motorcyclists are overrepresented in traffic collisions. Some key statistics:

  • In 2020, 13 people were killed in motorcycle accidents in Rhode Island.
  • Motorcyclists account for 14% of traffic deaths statewide, despite representing just 3% of Rhode Island's registered motor vehicle fleet.
  • Most fatal motorcycle accidents occur in Providence County (8 deaths in 2019).

Motorcycle Accident FAQ

Who is Liable for My Motorcycle Accident?

Determining who's at fault for your crash is the first and most important step in a motorcycle accident case. That's because plaintiffs who file personal injury lawsuits allege that someone else caused their injuries and should be held liable (or financially responsible) for their resulting losses.

There are many factors that can affect which defendant(s) you name in your lawsuit, such as multiple at-fault parties and the availability of sufficient insurance coverage. Because every case is unique, the best way to evaluate liability in yours is to speak with a lawyer.

Some examples of parties that may be named as defendants in motorcycle accident cases:

  • Drivers who negligently cause car accidents with riders, i.e. running red lights, violating a rider's right-of-way, making unsafe lane changes, etc.
  • Corporations that employ negligent commercial drivers responsible for truck accidents and crashes involving delivery vans or other commercial vehicles.
  • Manufacturers, distributors, or retailers responsible for defective motorcycles, motorcycle parts, or other equipment (these claims are based on product liability).
  • Property owners that fail to address premises hazards that injure riders.
  • Government entities responsible for negligent employees or contractors who cause motorcycle crashes, i.e. crashes involving public buses.

At Karns & Kerrison, our attorneys leverage decades of experience to help victims investigate their accidents, identify potential defendants, and pursue the justice they deserve.

How Much is My Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Worth?

The value of your motorcycle accident claim depends on factors such as the nature of your injuries and the treatment you received, your age, your occupation and income, and your future earning potential, among others.

At Karns & Kerrison, our Providence motorcycle accident attorneys work closely with clients to evaluate the potential case value. We also consult with relevant experts, including physicians, economists, and vocational experts, to fully calculate the losses our clients have incurred and the losses they are likely to incur in the future because of their injuries.

Examples of recoverable damages in motorcycle accident cases:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical bills for surgeries, medications, rehab, and other treatment
  • Future medical care, including long-term care for catastrophic injuries
  • Lost income and lost future earnings
  • Other economic and non-economic losses

How Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help?

Personal injury lawsuits are complex and consequential claims, especially when they involve motorcycle riders who suffer serious injuries. These cases can put a family's physical and financial well-being on the line and are too important to be left to chance.

At Karns & Kerrison, we're professionals who practice personal injury law every day. We know our clients depend on full financial recoveries to cover their expenses and future needs and provide the comprehensive counsel to help them navigate the process and fight for the justice they deserve.

We provide support for:

  • Accident investigations and evidence gathering
  • Discovery, interrogatories, depositions, and other case procures
  • Communication with defendants and insurance carriers
  • Coordination with medical experts and other expert witnesses
  • Settlement negotiations or trial when necessary

Examples of Our Results

Karns & Kerrison attorneys have recovered millions in compensation for motorcyclists, cyclists, pedestrians, and other victims injured in traffic collisions. Some examples of our results:

  • $2.1 million recovery for the wrongful death of a 42-year-old bicyclist struck by a vehicle.
  • $1.86 million for a 76-year-old woman who suffered a head injury after her vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer.
  • $1.55 million for a 35-year-old passenger who suffered a brain injury and multiple fractures in a rollover auto accident.
  • $1.3 million for a 47-year-old motorcyclist who suffered a traumatic brain injury and subdural hematoma in a collision with a vehicle that turn left in front of him.
  • $1.3 million for a 25-year-old pedestrian who suffered a brain injury after being struck by a vehicle.

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