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Was driver fatigue the reason the tractor-trailer hit you?

Karns & Kerrison

Tens of thousands of pounds of steel barreling down a Rhode Island highway out of control: That is a frightening situation if you're in a nearby vehicle. When you share the road with tractor-trailers, the risk of collision may increase if a truck operator has been burning the candle at both ends and driving while fatigued.

Even if you are an extremely careful driver, if another person is negligent, there's not much you can do to avoid an accident. However, knowing the warning signs can be an additional help to avoiding serious truck accidents.

Issues that may impact chances of a commercial truck collision

As a good driver and vehicle owner, you probably check out your car on a regular basis to make sure all lights and other instruments are functioning properly. If something isn't working as it should on a massive tractor-trailer, it can definitely place the driver and anyone nearby at risk for injury. The following list includes several issues that may increase your risk for collision:

  • The behavior of the other driver: You have less of a chance of colliding with a tractor-trailer if the truck operator focuses on the road, is alert and adheres to all traffic regulations. To the contrary, any type of reckless or negligent behavior immediately places you in harm's way.
  • Vehicle maintenance: If one does not properly care for a truck, any number of things can be wrong with it that could increase the likelihood of the vehicle crashing. Bald tires, signals that don't work, or failing brakes are a few of many vehicle flaws that could lead to collision.
  • Unsafe driving in inclement conditions: If you drive the posted speed limit in a rain or snow storm, you may not safely reach your destination. It's up to each driver to adjust his or her driving speed and style according to current weather and road conditions.

If you suffer injury in a collision and later learn that the driver was negligent, you may want to speak with someone about options for pursuing justice. If your injuries were severe, you may need a lot of extra help at home or getting to and from doctor appointments in order to get the care you need and function on a daily basis. Such care is typically quite expensive. There's no reason you should bear the full financial burden of an accident caused by another person's negligence.

Many Rhode Island accident victims go to court to seek recovery for their losses, as well as legal accountability against any and all parties deemed responsible for their injuries.


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