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Traumatic Brain Injury - Improving My Condition

Robert Karns

Many things can be done by the traumatic brain injury victim to improve his or her condition. Like many other medical problems, the symptoms of traumatic brain injury must be recognized and treated in order to improve the condition of the victim.

The following areas of treatment can be pursued depending on the symptoms that exist:

  • Medications -
    • Anti-convulsant medications to control seizures, panic disorders, aid in sleeping, headaches
    • Anti-depressant medications to control depression, anxiety, insomnia,  headaches, panic disorders
    • Pain management medications to control muscle pain and headaches
    • Motor system medications to control muscle spasms and muscle spasticity
    • Memory and cognition medications to help with memory and attention such as Ritalin, Adderall, Provigil and Namenda
  • Therapy -
    • Cognitive Therapy - To help with memory and everyday living
    • Speech/language therapy - To help with word finding and communication
    • Physical Therapy - To help with pain and muscle problems
    • Occupational Therapy - To help with physical problems, coordination and organization
    • Behavioral Therapy - To help with anxiety, depression and interaction with people
    • Vocational Rehabilitation - To help with employment
  • Self Management -
    • Join a traumatic brain injury support group through your state brain injury association
    • Take up a hobby or a recreational activity to help with concentration and physical fitness
    • Get enough sleep
    • Write things down and make lists or use electronic reminders
    • Try to establish a regular daily routine
    • Check with someone you trust when making decisions
    • Avoid alcohol and caffeine
    • Talk to others - interaction with people is important

Traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and to improve the victims condition must coordinate medication with professional therapeutic services and self management.


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