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Whiplash in Rhode Island car accidents

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Many people are familiar with whiplash, but they may not understand exactly what it is. Whiplash is one of the most common injuries people suffer when they are involved in a car accident. It can be minor or severe.

Minor whiplash injuries can result in relatively little down time and quick recovery. More severe whiplash can result in associated symptoms months or even years after an accident, however. People may suffer chronic pain, loss of range of motion and severe, recurrent headaches due to whiplash.

Whiplash often results from rear-end collisions. The force of the collision causes the person's head to move forward and then backward abruptly due to the rapid acceleration and deceleration associated with the collision. The movement can cause resulting strains to the muscles as well as injuries to surrounding tissue and bones. People can minimize their risk of suffering from whiplash by taking simple preventative measures each time they get into a car. Adjusting head rests to their proper position can prevent their necks from hyperextending backward. Wearing safety belts at all times can also help hold them in place, lessening the likelihood of injury.

Whiplash is a very real type of car accident injury with annual costs approaching $30 billion in the United States. A person who suffers whiplash or any other serious injury in an accident due to another's negligence may be able to hold the other person liable by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Through such a lawsuit, the injured person may be able to recover damages to compensate them for their economic and noneconomic losses. People may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney about the relevant facts of their case in order to determine what remedies may be available.

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