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Slip and Fall Cases - Safety and Human Factors Experts

Posted by Robert T. Karns | Oct 18, 2012 | 0 Comments

Safety experts are also typically consulted on slip & fall cases. This is an expert witness trained in safety who can testify regarding the hazardous condition or defect that caused your injury.

Another more complex type of expert is a human factors expert. A human factors expert is an expert witness who takes the safety expert's information one step further. This expert combines engineering with information about how people interact with their environment to show that a certain condition may not be safe.

For instance - a display in a commercial store with a base that sticks out near the feet of shoppers and cannot be seen can cause people to trip and fall. A hanging display that has been hung too low may strike someone, catching them unaware and causing an injury. Human factors experts can be very instrumental in proving that something that does not appear to be a big risk on the surface, can be potentially unsafe and downright dangerous to shoppers. Their findings help design safer shopping experiences.

Because of the enormous amount of proof and information necessary to secure a positive outcome to a slip & fall claim, it is vital that you choose a personal injury lawyer who has experience handling slip & fall cases. Karns & Kerrison has been handling slip and fall cases since 1974 and has helped countless victims with their slip and fall claims.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a slip & fall, you need personal injury attorneys who know the law. Karns & Kerrison personal injury lawyers offer free consultations and no fee unless successful. Their experience in handling cases against negligent business and property owners is extensive, and they are familiar with reviewing the kinds of data that can help prove negligence in an injury situation. Contact them now at any one of their easy to reach Rhode Island locations for a free consultation or more information.

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