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Before and After Witnesses for Your Brain Injury Case

Karns & Kerrison

One of the most important forms of evidence regarding a traumatic brain injury case is that of before and after witnesses.

What Kind of Testimony Can the Witnesses Provide?

People that actually knew the plaintiff prior to the injury can give compelling testimony as to the differences in the behavior and conduct of the victim. This is true especially in mild traumatic brain injury cases where the physical evidence of the injury is not that obvious, meaning that there may have been little or no loss of consciousness and bleeding of the brain.

Competent witnesses that can fully explain the symptoms that the victim is suffering, including fatigue, confusion, concentration problems, memory problems, irritability, an inability to multitask, deficiencies at home and in the workplace, can go a long way in proving their case.

Who Can Be a Witness?

  • Household members and family members - these witnesses can attest to the fact of the differences in the victim before and after the traumatic brain injury including interaction in the household and loss of social life.
  • Workplace witnesses - people that worked with the victim prior to the traumatic brain injury that can still communicate with the victim if they can no longer work or actually still work with them if they are still employed can attest to the differences in the victim both in and out of the workplace.
  • Activities and church, etc witnesses - friends of the victim that participated prior to the injury with the victim in activities or sporting events, at clubs or group meetings, or in the church that still are acquainted with the victim can attest to the differences in the traumatic brain injury victim before and after the injury in these settings including sporting events, activities, club and group meetings, church activities, etc.

These before and after witnesses can have a significant impact on the proof of the traumatic brain injury and are extremely important witnesses in presenting the case.

Karns & Kerrison is extremely experienced in handling traumatic brain injuries and in the utilization of before and after witnesses. If you need representation regarding your traumatic brain injury or you know someone that does, contact Karns & Kerrison with offices in Cranston, East Providence, and Middletown for proper representation regarding your traumatic brain injury.


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