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Accident Reconstruction

Karns & Kerrison

One of the most important aspects of proper representation by a law firm of a victim of a motor vehicle accident whether it's an automobile accident, motorcycle accident, tractor trailer accident or any other type of motor vehicle accident is accident reconstruction.

Although not always critical as in the cases of witnessed accidents that can totally prove that the party causing the crash was negligent, often times it is critical to the case to have accident reconstruction done in order that the proper evidence can be obtained proving that the negligent party is at fault in order that the crash victim can recover the benefits that are due him or her.

It is up to the law firm to associate with expert accident reconstructionists in an expeditious and diligent way. The evidence that an accident reconstructionist needs such as witnesses that may leave the area, discussing the matter with the investigating police officers that do many accidents a week and may become foggy or forget some of the facts, skid marks that can fade, debris that will be cleaned up, gathering pictures from anyone that took pictures including police, witnesses and newspapers will have to be done immediately before the evidence disappears.

A good accident reconstructionist can examine the vehicles and determine impact and speed that is extremely important in proving liability regarding the crash.

An accident reconstructionist can be important in determining other parties that may be liable such as examining the victims vehicle and seeing if part of the safety devices did not work such as airbags, etc and then bringing in the appropriate type of engineer to analyze this and expand upon parties that are liable. This would mean not only proceeding against the negligent driver, but also against any faulty product that contributed to the injuries.

Sometimes an accident reconstructionist can show that the party is liable to the injured victim even though on its face it does not appear that that party is liable. An example of this would be a parked tractor trailer without the appropriate reflective tape on the back and without the appropriate underride guard. Even though the crash injury victim rear ends the stopped tractor trailer in certain cases the tractor trailer is at fault by not having the proper reflective markings on the back of the trailer or not having an underride guard in back of the trailer. An accident reconstructionist with experience in conspicuity can reconstruct the accident showing that the tractor trailer was at fault in the rear end collision and compensate the crash victim even though the crash victim rear ended the tractor trailer.

The most important aspect of this is for the law firm representing the crash victim to obtain the services of an expert reconstructionist as soon as possible before valid evidence disappears. At Karns & Kerrison the attorneys are extremely experienced in handling all motor vehicle crashes and work very closely with expert accident reconstructionists on an expeditious basis to ascertain all of the pertinent evidence.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motor vehicle accident contact Karns & Kerrison for appropriate representation with offices in Cranston, East Providence and Middletown, Rhode Island.


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