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Misloaded Tractor Trailers Causing Collisions

Karns & Kerrison

A large tractor trailer that is not loaded properly can cause severe collisions with smaller passenger vehicles resulting in devastating injuries to the occupants of the passenger vehicle.

When the trailer of a large tractor trailer is not loaded properly or is misloaded, often times the load will shift causing an inability to steer that will cause a collision or worse causing a roll over that can cause the tractor trailer to either roll over on the smaller passenger or cause the smaller passenger vehicle to strike it.

These collisions occur often times at highway speeds and are devastating to the occupants of the smaller passenger vehicle.

When dealing with this problem regarding misloading there are two types of loads.

The first load is a sealed load whereby the tractor trailer operator brings the vehicle into a warehouse and the vehicle is loaded and sealed by the warehouseman. If the load is not balanced, steering problems or even rollovers can occur. The operator of the tractor trailer has nothing to do with the loading of the vehicle. This would mean that liability regarding the injuries to the victims of the smaller passenger vehicle would not only be with the trucking company but also with the facility that loaded and sealed the load in the trailer.

The other type of load is an unsealed load whereby the tractor trailer is either loaded at the trucking company or is systematically unloaded by the operator of the truck at various stops. If the load is not balanced, this will cause the load to shift causing steering and even rollover problems with liability on the trucking company.

The loading and safety regulations regarding tractor trailers are governed by the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration.

Although it may not be apparent on its face why the collision occurred, often times a misloading of the vehicle is the cause and this can bring into the liability aspects of the case more defendants depending on who did the loading.

Anyone injured in this type of collision with a large tractor trailer should contact an experienced attorney that is used to dealing with tractor trailer collisions.

Karns & Kerrison with offices in Cranston, Rhode Island, East Providence, Rhode Island and Middletown, Rhode Island serving all of Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts is extremely experienced in handling these types of tractor trailer collisions.


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